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  • 02/Dec/2021

In 2014, IPIN organized the first yearly IPIN competitions, with a single on-site Track. From 2015 to 2020, the IPIN competitions included both on-site and off-site Tracks. All competitions were based on the EvAAL framework .

In 2021 the IPIN competition includes three off-site Tracks: see the Results for Competition below

Overall Scores

Track 3: Smartphone (off-site)
Team Members 3rd quartile
1: GD-WHU Gaode Map Company, China
GNSS Center, Wuhan University, China
4.43 m
2: imec-WAVES Ghent University – imec-WAVES research group 7.85 m
3: SCU SiChuan University, China 67.8 m
4: XMU Xiamen University, China 153.02 m
*: OPPO Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp 11.78 m
* participated off-track without EvAAL-API
Track 4: Foot-mounted IMU (off-site)
Team Members 3rd quartile
1: ICT-BUPT School of Computer Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy Sciences
61.9 m
2: Silk-Road Reckoners School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University 4562.0 m
54.1* m
* unbiased results post-processed by track chair
Track 7: Channel impulse response (off-site)
Team Members
3rd quartile
1: imec-WAVES Ghent University – imec-WAVES research group 0.0891 m  
1: ISCAS Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science 0.0896 m
3: SPSC Technical University Graz 0.1594 m
4: CUMT China University of Mining and Technology 0.1643 m
5: IDLab Ghent University – Internet technology and data science lab 0.6236 m
6: UT_PS Twente University 0.6914 m
7: YAI Yuan Ze University, National Ilan University 1.7040 m

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