Call for Competition

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  • 09/Sep/2021

In 2014, IPIN organized the first yearly IPIN competitions, with a single on-site Track. From 2015 to 2020, the IPIN competitions included both on-site and off-site Tracks. All competitions were based on the EvAAL framework .

In 2021 the IPIN competition includes three off-site Tracks: see the Call for Competition below

Call for competitions

IPIN is pleased to announce the eight IPIN 2021 Indoor Localization Competition.
The  competition is  aimed  at  bringing together  the  academic and  industrial
research  communities for  evaluating different  approaches and  envisioning new
research  opportunities for  the indoor  localization area,  where no  generally
accepted standards exist yet.

Announcements  and possible refinements of the annexes,  also based on applicants' 
comments, will  be timely distributed on  the competition  discussion  mailing list and  willappear on the EvAAL web site .

Competition Sponsor