Tuesday November 30th

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  • 11/Nov/2021
9:00 10:00 Keynote 2: Michael Gould (ESRI)
Indoor Positioning and Navigation from an Industry Perspective.

Hotel Evenia Room - Coliseum
10:00 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 12:00 Parallel Sessions
TM1.1 (SS): Machine Learning for Localization and Navigation I
Hotel Evenia Room Coliseum - Chair: Tobias Feigl, Sebastian Kram and Maximilian Stahlke
On-line Zoom Room A: 940 4968 5915
18---SMARTphone inertial sensors based STEP detection driven by human gait learning
Nahime Al Abiad, Yacouba Kone, Thomas Robert and Valérie Renaudin
30---Topology Preserving Input Image for Convolutional Neural Network Based Indoor Localization
Marius Laska and Jörg Blankenbach
10---Pluto: Motion Detection for Navigation in a VR Headset
Dmitri A. Kovalenko, Artem Migukin, Svetlana Ryabkova and Vitaly Chernov
110---Transfer Learning for Convolutional Indoor Positioning Systems
Roman Klus, Lucie Klus, Jukka Talvitie, Jaakko Pihlajasalo, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra and Mikko Valkama
TM1.2: Evaluation
Hotel Evenia Room Forum - Chair: Francesco Potortì
46---Comparing and Evaluating Indoor Positioning Techniques
Ali Syed Raza, Lazar Lolic, Shahmir Akhter and Michael Liut
71---Accuracy of a single point in kNN applying error propagation theory
Antoni Perez-Navarro
128---Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Positioning for Public Environments
Nikolaos Tsiamitros, Wasiq Rumaney, Juergen Brunke, Ingo Wilz and Georgios Pipelidis
TM1.3: Fingerprint-based positioning
Hotel Evenia Room Atrium - Chair: Fernando Álvarez
22---Quantifying the Degradation of Radio Maps in Wi-Fi Fingerprinting
Ivo Silva, Cristiano Pendão, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra and Adriano Moreira
24---Dioptra – A Data Generation Application for Indoor Positioning Systems
Cristiano Pendão, Ivo Silva, Adriano Moreira and Joaquín Torres-Sospedra
49---Lightweight Wi-Fi Fingerprinting with a Novel RSS Clustering Algorithm
Darwin Patricio Quezada Gaibor, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Jari Nurmi, Yevgeni Koucheryavy and Joaquín Huerta
84---Finding Optimal BLE Configuration for Indoor Positioning with Consumption Restrictions
Fernando J. Aranda-Polo, Felipe Parralejo, Teodoro Aguilera Benítez, Fernando J. Álvarez Franco and Joaquín Torres-Sospedra
TM1.4: Inertial + Evaluation
Hotel Evenia Room Agora - Chair: Ana Jimenez
On-line Zoom Room B: 940 2637 3606
55---Simultaneous Crowd Estimation in Counting and Localization Using WiFi CSI
Hyuckjin Choi, Tomokazu Matsui, Shinya Misaki, Atsushi Miyaji, Manato Fujimoto and Keiichi Yasumoto
86---Immediate Proximity Detection Using Wi-Fi–Enabled Smartphones
Zach Van Hyfte and Avideh Zakhor
129---Topology Construction Based on Indoor Crowdsourcing Data using Manifold Learning: Evaluation of Algorithms and Key Parameters
Bin Yao, Wen Li, Dongyan Wei, Wenchao Zhang and Xianghong Li
12:00 13:00 WIP Parallel Sessions
TM2.1: WiP I
Hotel Evenia Room Coliseum - Chair: Elisabeth Collin
13---High-Speed TDoA Indoor Localization System with Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Patch Antennas
Silvio Marti, Hans-Dieter Lang, Heinz Mathis and Hannes Diethelm
21---Multipath-assisted Radio Sensing and Occupancy Detection for Smart In-house Parking in ITS
Jonas Ninnemann, Paul Schwarzbach and Oliver Michler
34---Influence of IMU’s measurement noise on the accuracy of stride-length estimation for gait analysis
Guillermo Garcia-Villamil Neira, Luisa Ruiz Ruiz, Antonio R. Jiménez Ruiz, Fernando Seco and María Cristina Rodríguez Sánchez
52---Obtaining range measurements from ambient noise cross-correlations for the self-calibration of nodes
Joaquín Aparicio Sosa and Sverre Holm
53---Optimal Receivers Location for Passive Indoor Positioning based on BLE
Roald de Brouwer, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Sergi Trilles and Rafael Berkvens
62---Application-driven Test and Evaluation Framework for Indoor Localization Systems in Warehouses
Jakob Schyga, Johannes Hinckeldeyn, Benjamin Bruss, Christoph Bamberger and Jochen Kreutzfeldt
70---Towards Centimetre Accurate and Low-Power, Hybrid Radio-Acoustic 3D Indoor Positioning: an Experimental Journey
Bert Cox, Chesney Buyle, Liesbet Van der Perre and Lieven De Strycker
92---TraceMeNow: an open-source software framework for indoor localization applications
Mauro Borrazzo, Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Vittorio Scarano and Carmine Spagnuolo
97---Drone positioning from combined mmWave radar and depth camera data
José A. Paredes, Miles Hansard, Khalid Z. Rajab, Fernando J. Álvarez Franco and Teodoro Aguilera Benítez
99---A proposal on stampede detection in real environments
Antonio Carlos Cob-Parro, Cristina Losada-Gutiérrez, marta marron-romera, Mohammad Ibrahim Sarker, Alfredo Gardel-Vicente and Ignacio Bravo-Muñoz
101---Monostatic Acoustic Localization Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Stef Brits, Robin Kerstens and Jan Steckel
TM2.2: WiP II
Hotel Evenia Room Forum - Chair: Stefan Knauth
8---Towards Reproducible Indoor Positioning Research
Grigorios G. Anagnostopoulos and Alexandros Kalousis
64---RSS-based Fusion of UWB and WiFi-based Ranging for Indoor Positioning
Ghazaleh Kia, Jukka Talvitie and Laura Ruotsalainen
80---Analysis and comparison of publicly available databases for urban mobility applications
Dina Bousdar and Estefania Munoz Diaz
93---Feasibility Study: Magnetic-Based Passenger Localization in Train Stations
Estefania Munoz Diaz, Francisco Jurado Romero, Lorena Perez Aguilar, Dmitry Gubenko and Dina Bousdar
96---Fault Tolerant Indoor Positioning Based on Azimuth Measurements
Márk Rátosi and Gyula Simon
108---Evaluation of Geomagnetic Matching Algorithms for Indoor Positioning
Stefan Knauth
109---WiFi Imaging: Generating Building Maps using Passively Obtained WiFi Signal Strengths
Shane Farrell, John McAuley and Linda Doyle
137---A low-cost control occupancy solution using a Time-of-Flight ranging sensor laser
Enric Bartrés Jurado, Sergi Trilles, Antoni Perez-Navarro and Joaquín Torres-Sospedra
141---Experimental Evaluation of an IR and US Multi-Sensory Positioning Fusion Method
Elena Aparicio-Esteve, Jose Manuel Villadangos, Alvaro Hernandez and Jesús Ureña Ureña
TM2.3: WiP III
Hotel Evenia Room Atrium - Chair: Filippo Palumbo
On-line Zoom Room A: 940 4968 5915
4---Efficient Indoor Localization Model Construction by Sequential Recommendation of Data Gathering Position based on Bayesian Optimization
Yoshiki Omori, Masato Sugasaki and Masamichi Shimosaka
5---Indoor Localization with Bluetooth: a Framework for Modelling Errors in AoA and RSSI
Pietro Boccadoro, Domenico Colucci, Vincenzo Dentamaro, Laura Notarangelo and Giangiuseppe Tateo
9---Detection and Identification of Multipath Interference with Adaption of Transmission Band for UWB Transceiver Systems
Sven Ole Schmidt and Horst Hellbrück
14---Foot-Mounted Inertial Navigation - Implementation and Fusion Concept into a Bayesian Filtering Framework
Karin Mascher and Manfred Wieser
26---GAN+: Data Augmentation Method using Generative Adversarial Networks and Dirichlet for Indoor Localisation
Seanglidet Yean, Palak Somani, Bu Sung Lee and Hong Lye Oh
29---5G Deployment Strategies for High Positioning Accuracy in Indoor Environments
Maria Posluk, Jesper Ahlander, Deep Shrestha, Sara Modarres Razavi, Gustav Lindmark and Fredrik Gunnarsson
33---WiVisit: POI Visit Identification Based on Auto-Generated Wi-Fi Fingerprint
Huang Qiang, Xiang Li, Xin Li, Jiazhi Ni, Xin Zhang, Ning Xiao, Hongyi Liu, Chang Liu and Youchen Wang
50---A high fidelity indoor navigation system for users in motion using BLE with beacons
Abdul K. Mustafa and Edward R. Sykes
61---Response to “Evaluation of indoor localisation systems: comments on the ISO/IEC 18305 standard”
Nader Moayeri
73---Interpersonal Proximity Detection Using RSSI-Based Techniques
Fatemeh Mirzaei and Roberto Manduchi
74---In-Vehicle Positioning for Public Transit Using BLE Beacons
Fatemeh Mirzaei and Roberto Manduchi
TM2.4: WiP IV
Hotel Evenia Room Agora - Chair: Fernándo Seco
On-line Zoom Room B: 940 2637 3606
32---An indoor fusion fingerprint localization based on channel state information and images
Wen Liu, Hong Chen, Zhongliang Deng, Changyan Qin and Mingjie Jia
67---A Review of Image Feature Descriptors in Visual Positioning
Wen Liu, Shuo Wang, Zhongliang Deng, Tingting Fan, Mingjie Jia and Hong Chen
77---Reducing FTM ranging and location attackexposure with crowd-wisdom
Jerome Henry, Yann Busnel, Romaric Ludinard and Nicolas Montavont
120---LoS/NLoS Identification Based on Double-polarized Antenna and Convolutional Neural Networks
Haijian Xu, Shaoshuai Fan, Hui Tian, Bin Ren, Gang Li, Rongyi Fang and Shaohui Sun
121---DoA and ToA Estimation method of OFDM Signal based on Cascaded Deep Neural Network
Chaofan Zheng, Shaoshuai Fan, Hui Tian, Bin Ren, Ren Da, Zhenyu Zhang and Shaohui Sun
122---Progress of 3GPP Rel-17 Standards on New Radio (NR) Positioning
Bin Ren, Rongyi Fang, Xiaotao Ren, Gang Li, Hui Li, Zheng Zhao, Jianxiang Li, Ren Da and Shaohui Sun
123---A Simulation Tool for the Analysis of TDOA Methods
André Diniz, Danilo Pena and Vicente Sousa
126---Environment classification using RSS for indoor localization
Maximilien F. Dufau, Elizabeth Colin and Vighnesh Gharat
127---Polynomial Fitting Functions for Visible Light Positioning based on RSS with Tilted Receiver
Cristóbal Eduardo Carreño Mosqueira, Fabian Seguel, Patrick Charpentier and Nicolas Krommenacker
130---A Stepwise Simple Self-calibration Method for Low-cost MEMS-IMU
Shaobing Liu, xinchun ji, Dongyan Wei, Wenchao Zhang and Qifeng Lai
13:00 14:30 Lunch
14:30 16:00 Parallel Sessions
TA1.1 (SS): Machine Learning for Localization and Navigation II
Hotel Evenia Room Coliseum - Chair: Tobias Feigl, Sebastian Kram and Maximilian Stahlke
42---Accurate Indoor Positioning Based on Learned Absolute and Relative Models
Christoffer Kjellson, Martin Larsson, Kalle Åström and Magnus Oskarsson
48---New trends in indoor positioning based on WiFi and machine learning: A systematic review
Vladimir Bellavista Parent, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra and Antoni Perez-Navarro
89---Self-Learning Detection and Mitigation of Non-Line-of-Sight Measurements in Ultra-Wideband Localization
Laura Flueratoru, Elena Simona Lohan and Dragos Niculescu
131---Robust ToA-Estimation using Convolutional Neural Networks on Randomized Channel Models
Tobias Feigl, Ernst Eberlein, Sebastian Kram and Christopher Mutschler
TA1.2: New Trends & Lora
Hotel Evenia Room Forum - Chair: Antonino Crivello
87---SYLOIN: Measuring Angle of Arrival of LoRa signals using Software Defined Radio
Hussein ZEAITER, François Spies, Oumaya Baala and Thierry VAL
113---Adaptive procedure for indoor localization using LoRa devices
Lorenz Bornholdt, Sascha Kaven and Volker Skwarek
136---Towards Ubiquitous Indoor Positioning: Comparing Systems across Heterogeneous Datasets
Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Ivo Silva, Lucie Klus, Darwin Patricio Quezada Gaibor, Antonino Crivello, Paolo Barsocchi, Cristiano Pendão, Simona Lohan, Jari Nurmi and Adriano Moreira
142---Trends in smartphone-based indoor localisation
Francesco Potortì, Antonino Crivello, Filippo Palumbo, Michele Girolami and Paolo Barsocchi
TA1.3: Acoustic-based Positioning
Hotel Evenia Room Atrium - Chair: Jesus Ureña
On-line Zoom Room A: 940 4968 5915
117---Indoor Localization Method For a Microphone Using a Single Speaker
Masanari Nakamura, Kento Fujimoto, Hiroaki Murakami, Hiromichi Hashizume and Masanori Sugimoto
118---Short-time and Adaptive Controllable Spot Communication using COTS Speaker
Masanari Nakamura, Shoma Yamasaki, Hiromichi Hashizume and Masanori Sugimoto
125---A Novel Hybrid AoA and TDoA Solution for Transmitter Positioning
sarah A. Ahmed, Arash Abbasi and Huaping Liu
TA1.4: New Challenges
Hotel Evenia Room Agora - Chair: Carmen Pérez
Room B: 940 2637 3606
35---BIPS: Building Information Positioning System
Max Jwo Lem Lee, Hiu Yi Ho, Li-Ta Hsu and Stephen Ling Ming Au
36---Robust acoustic localization in a reverberant environment for synchronous and asynchronous beacons
Satoki Ogiso
63---A Ground Texture-based Mapping and Localization Method for AGVs
Javier Macias-Sola, Sarah Uttendorf and Jan Olaf Blech
106---Completely Automated CNN Architecture Design Based on VGG Blocks for Fingerprinting Localisation
Shreya Sinha and Duc Viet Le
16:00 16:30 Coffee Break
18:00 18:55 Is there a need and sufficient interest in getting ISO/IEC 18305 revised?
Nader Moayeri
On-line Zoom Room A: 940 4968 5915
19:00 21:30 Networking in the Kitchens