Conference ended successfully

  • 2022-09-09

The IPIN2022 organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Aerospace Information Research Institute(AIR) concluded in Beijing on September 7. As the largest and most influential international conference in the field of indoor positioning and navigation in the world, this International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Navigation is the first time it has been held in China. Co-organized with the Surveying Society and IEEE Beijing Chapter.
A total of 94 papers were included in the conference, and 418 paper authors came from 117 universities, research institutes and well-known enterprises around the world. The papers will be published and indexed by the Engineering Index (EI) and other databases.
During the three-day report, five experts from Chinese and foreign universities and enterprises made special invited reports for the conference. The conference has 20 sub-venues including 5G positioning, geomagnetic navigation, acoustic navigation, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) indoor positioning, etc., and is open to global users through online conferences, webcasts and other modes. Among them, through the public live broadcast rooms opened by the first-class academic journal "Journal of Radar", the content of the conference is broadcast live to colleagues at home and abroad for free throughout the whole process, and the total number of online viewers is nearly 16,000.
The conference also held the 9th International Indoor Positioning and Navigation Competition at the same time. The event included 6 tracks including 5G positioning, UWB positioning, and smartphone positioning, attracting 26 teams from all over the world to participate. The competition mode shows the highest level in the field of indoor positioning and navigation in the world.
In addition, the inauguration ceremony of the world's first indoor positioning and navigation journal "Journal of Indoor and Seamless Positioning and Navigation" hosted by IEEE was held during the conference. The journal is currently the only academic journal in the world focusing on the field of indoor navigation and positioning.
The conference ended successfully, and the 13th IPIN conference will be held in Germany. We look forward to your participation.
IPIN2022 Organizers