• 2022-08-02
IPIN 2022
time&city:5 September - 7 September 2022, Beijing, China
Platinum Sponsor: HUAWEI
Gold Sponsors: BDStar, CNAV, Sat Nav
Technical co-sponsor: IEEE

We are about to enter the era of artificial intelligence, big data and the interconnection of all things. One challenging and fundamental issue to be resolved is to develop enabling technologies for robustly locating persons, devices or items of interest in indoor scenarios. Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) is the premier international conference that focuses on indoor localization technical discussion and competition. Since the first edition of IPIN, launched in 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland, IPIN has become a global platform of communication for researchers, students and enterprises from countries and regions all over the world. In 2022, the 12th IPIN Conference and the 9th IPIN Competition will be held for the first time in Beijing, an ancient capital with a history of thousands of years. Seminars, technical sessions, exhibitions and competitions are planned. Under the restriction of COVID-19's prevention and control policy, IPIN2022 will adopt a hybrid format face-to-face and online. You are cordially invited to come and join us in Beijing or online! Join the 250 expected industrial and academic experts in informatics, electronics and surveying to address this challenge. Discuss scientific and industrial matters, witness state-of-the-art systems and methods, including the uniquely challenging IPIN competition.
- 5 Keynotes
- 2 Tutorial,
- 15 Technical paper sessions with near 100 presentations
- 6 IPIN competition tracks


Keynote speaker Title
Gaoke DU, HUAWEI(CN) Harmonized Communication and Sensing for 5G-Advanced Systems
Paul Groves, UCL (UK) Where is indoor positioning going?
Tony Tu, BDStar (CN) From Outdoors to Indoors: To Build a Seamless Spatiotemporal Information Network
Li-Ta Hsu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University(HK) Navigation using Graph Optimization: A Case Study of a Smartphone User from an Urban Canyon to an Indoor Area.
Tao Zhang, Alibaba (CN) An Augmented-Reality(AR) Engine Supporting Location-based Applications in the Mass Market.


Presenter Title
Yi Wang,Su Huang,Ran Guan
and Arief Juri,HUAWEI (CN)
Wireless positioning with 5G and MateXS2
Guohao Zhang,Weisong Wen Hong KongPolytechnic University(HK) Enablers of Indoor Positioning and Navigation:From Radionavigation Fundamentals, Robotic SLAM, to Absolute Indoor GNSS

Technical Sessions

*AOA, TOF, TDOA based Localization Methods
*Acoustic & Optical & Thermal systems
*Cooperative positioning
*Indoor maps, Indoor Spatial Data Model & Indoor Mobile Mapping, and 3D building models
*Crowd source, machine learning systems
*Visible light positioning, optical systems
*Pseudolites, 5G, UWB,RFID
*Fusion methods
*Magnetic Localization
*GNSS related
*Inertial and hybrid systems

IPIN Competition

Track 2: Camera
Track 3: Smartphone
Track 4: Foot-mounted IMU
Track 6: Smartphone on vehicle
Track 7: CIR in warehouse
Track 8: 5G in open-plan office

Organizing Committee

Conference chairs:

Hong Yuan — AIR-CAS (CN)
Antoni Pérez-Navarro — UOC (ES)

Deputy Conference Chair:

Dongyan Wei — AIR-CAS (CN)

TPC chairs:

Ruizhi Chen — WHU(CN)
Kefei Zhang — CUMT(CN)
Valérie Renaudin — Gustave Eiffel University(FR)
Dongyan Wei — AIR-CAS (CN)

Competition chairs:

Francesco Potortì — ISTI-CNR (IT)

Steering Committee:

Philippe Canalda — Université de Franche-Comté (FR)
Binghao Li — University of New South Wales (AU)
Rainer Mautz — Swiss Federal Railways (CH)
Masanori Sugimoto — Hokkaido University(JP)
Adriano Moreira — University of Minho (PT)
Kyle O'Keefe — University of Calgary (CA)
Valérie Renaudin — Gustave Eiffel University (FR)
Jesús Ureña — University of Alcalá (ES)
Francesco Potortì — ISTI-CNR (IT)
Antoni Pérez-Navarro — Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (ES)