IPIN2022 Participating Operations Manual

  • 2022-09-01

Dear participants:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this meeting has been changed to an online format. Here are the specific steps to participate.


Register and pay the fee in the registration system (if you have already completed registration and payment before, please skip this step).

The registered addresses are as follows:
RMB registration address:
USD registration address:


Login registration system. Note that if you choose RMB/USD channel when registering for payment, you should also choose RMB/USD channel when logging in. If you have already completed the registration, the interface after login is as follows (here is only an example, the information shown corresponds to your personal information):


Click on the "zoomMeeting" button pointed to by the blue arrow on the left and you will be redirected to the following screen:

You can see the "Enter the live conference room" button pointed by the red arrow on the right, by clicking this button, you can enter the corresponding zoom conference room to watch the conference content. Among them, ROOM 1 corresponds to the opening ceremony of the conference, after the opening ceremony, the three sessions will start, ROOM A, ROOM B and ROOM C correspond to the three sessions respectively.


After clicking "Enter the live conference room", the following prompt will appear, and you can choose the language of the interface by the option pointed by the red arrow.


If you already have Zoom installed, click the "Launch Meeting" button to enter the meeting.

If you do not have Zoom installed, click the "Download Now" button to download and install Zoom, then enter the meeting by clicking " Launch Meeting". Or click the "Download Now" button and then click the "Join from Your Browser" button to access the meeting directly through your browser without installing Zoom.


Once you enter the meeting room, you can watch and interact with the meeting content.The interface after entering the meeting room is as follows:

If you need a specific operation guide, please click the link to download
Please pay attention to the official website for the specific arrangement of the follow-up conference.