Best Paper Nommination

On 29 October, 2013 by admin

Here are the Best paper nommination. Authors are invited to make a 10-minute presentation on Wednesday 30th at 15:30 in the room Grand Amphitheatre. The jury will deliver the prices during the Gala dinner.

#21296-HiMLoc: Indoor Smartphone Localization via Activity Aware Pedestrian Dead Reckoning with Selective Crowdsourced WiFi Fingerprinting – Radu Valentin*, Marina Mahesh(UK)
#20896 Identification of vehicle tracks and association to wireless endpoints by multiple sensor modalities – Becker Daniel*, Einsiedler Jens, Schäufele Bernd, Binder Alexander, Radusch Ilja (Germany)
#21330 Optimal Sampling Frequency and Bias Error Modeling For Foot-Mounted IMUs – Munoz Diaz Estefania*, Heirich Oliver, Khider Mohammed, Robertson Patrick (Germany)
#20692 Design of New Codes for Reducing Interference Between GNSS-Like Signals Transmitted Indoors – Selmi Ikhlas*, Samama Nel (France)
# 20885 ActionSLAM in Android: At-Home Tracking with a Fully Wearable System – Hardegger Michael*, Mazilu Sinziana, Caraci Dario, Hess Frederik, Roggen Daniel, Tröster Gerhard (Switzerland, United Kingdom)
#21255 Particle filter and smoother for indoor localization – Nurminen Henri*, Ristimäki Anssi, Ali-Löytty Simo, Piché Robert (Finland)
#20785  Potentials and Limitations of WIFI-Positioning Using Time-of-Flight – Schauer Lorenz*, Maier Marco, Dorfmeister Florian (Germany)
#20788 Optimal Placement of Multiple Sensors for Localization Applications – Kirchhof Nicolaj*  (Germany)


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